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since 1965

About TunicastWe work for you since 1965

Tunicast is a cast iron foundry located in Tunisia producing either grey: EN-GJL-150/200/250/300 or nodular: EN-GJS-400/500/600/700 in medium and large series, weight up to 400 kg, complex shapes needing assembled cores, sandblasted, deburred, painted and machined castings.
Tunicast is a tier one supplier of OEMs of agricultural machines, axles & transmission, reduction gears & compressors, off highway machines, industrial vehicles, pumps & valves, wind & solar energy, railways.

Our foundry uses the latest technologies to produce high-quality cast iron castings. We are equipped with automatic molding machines, induction furnaces, and CNC machines to ensure the accuracy and quality of each piece we produce.

We are also environmentally conscious and sustainable. We have implemented eco-friendly production processes to minimize our impact on the environment. We are also committed to researching and developing new technologies to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our values

At Tunicast, we are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products through our technical expertise and advanced equipment. We are proud of our team of skilled professionals who work diligently to ensure the quality of every product we produce.

At Tunicast, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are committed to offering superior quality products, personalized service, and fast delivery. We are also committed to open and honest communication with our customers to ensure their long-term satisfaction.

Tunicast’s values are centered around operational excellence, customer commitment, and professional ethics. We believe in creating a work environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect. We are committed to producing superior quality products while being socially and environmentally responsible. We are also committed to the training and development of our staff to enable them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their work. At Tunicast, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and professional ethics, to ensure the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

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